Are you stressed?  Critical of yourself? Reacting, judging and  blaming others and circumstances for your unhappiness or lack of satisfaction? Going through a life or business transition or find yourself stuck somewhere in your business or personal life? Is there something you would like to improve? Are you living out of your personal integrity?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe we should  talk.


Hi, I’m Penny Smith, life & wellness coach and personal leadership strategistI can help you make that impending decision, move you through a transition, reconnect with yourself, improve your health – mind, body, spirit,  create the balance you seek, reach that goal you have not quite achieved, and overcome your self-doubt or other negative emotions that are holding you back from your best life.  Together, we’ll partner and create new possibilities for yourself, starting from the inside out.

As your life coach my process is simple, I help you out of your “Monkey mind”, and empower you to dig deep to find the answers. I avoid cookie cutter systems. My process is unique and custom designed for what is best suited to you.  I use practical, proven techniques to help you uncover the things that are limiting and holding you back. Once identified, we use some creative, powerful processes and tools to help create self-awareness, dismantle the ‘mask’, add clarity to thoughts and hold accountability for you to take actions. I help you stop chasing things outside yourself , and help you learn to control the things inside yourself so you can live more deliberately, lead more effectively and be in celebration of your life.

Sound good?  Then let’s begin.


My first session I was skeptical about the whole coaching process. Looking back from that first session with Penny and the remarkable difference in myself and life between then and now is a true testiment to Penny’s abilities. She’s truly passionate about her work and it comes out in the little things she does to deliver a great session…. She’s never afraid to hold me accountable, and challenge me with powerful questions when I’m demonstrating thoughts, beliefs or actions that are hindering me. She adjusts her coaching style to what fits my personality the best; Most of the time it’s direct blunt feedback and she delivers every time.
— R.C. - Personal Trainer & Track & Field Athlete (Goal to make Canadian National Team for RIO 2016)

What to expect and the benefits.

Expect change.  Expect some transformation. Expect the unexpectable. Sometimes small and sometimes big-fucking-breakthroughs. Some I can anticipate and some will take us both by surprise, but don’t worry, I’ve heard and seen it all. You will create clarity, self-connection, rediscovering your passions and definition of your purpose. In the process you will discover a sense of liberation, authenticity, sense of satisfaction and greater happiness. With your newfound energy and outlook I will guide you to reach your goals, map out a new blueprint for your life or business and open your eyes to a world of new possibility.  A world you create for yourself.

Your life and work will feel more balanced and aligned to your core values. You’ll reduce and manage your stress, communicate more consciously and have more time and energy for yourself, colleagues, friends and your loved ones. More adventure, Life will feel more fun, your relationships will improve, You’ll have a better and deeper understanding of yourself. An understanding and awareness that leads to living a more authentic fulfilling personal and business life. 

My Process:

We start with an assessment, a process of your self-discovery. We explore, discover and define your needs, intentions, vision and goals.  As your coach and accountability partner I will provide you with a no bullshit approach to you.  My commitment is to you, in a supportive, non-judgmental partnership. Listening to what you say, and what you avoid saying, I will help uncover the limitations you have, reveal your Gremlin (inner critic), and overcome the obstacles in your life. We will discover how your energy affects you, works for or against you. I will champion and support your goals and dreams with kindness,  laughter and complete confidentiality.

I will hold you accountable to living and taking action on  your vision, values, goals and dreams.  I will challenge you, I will not coddle you and I will ask personal and powerful questions . I will provide you the space to trust while you move beyond your comfort zone and boundaries, supporting you when the answers are painful and challenging. I will facilitate the changes and outcomes you desire.

A few more questions to ask yourself:

Are you leading your life or business most effectively?

Would you like your life to feel, look or be different?

You have achieved financial success and reached your professional peak?

Do you want more time and freedom for yourself??

Do you have anxiety? Do you lack energy? Is your health suffering?

Are you Fulfilled and happy? Do you love yourself from the inside out?

Are you living at the cause or effect of of your life?

 First session is free, then let’s get to work.